About Us

In the same year 1969, when the world is busy watching Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon to utter the immortal words "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". Newton Electrical Equipment Co., Inc. was already rebuilding AC/DC motors.

For fifty [50] years Newton has revolutionized the rewinding industry in the Philippines. The use of technology played a great role in altering how Newton responded to the needs of its customers. Newton advances in its equipment, tools, technology and more importantly the training of its people. Talent is key for Newton success. This sustained leadership has inspired a lot of people creating a healthy competition in the electrical services industry in the Philippines.

Newton believe that it plays a crucial role in changing lives by helping companies create better products, be it food, paper, glass, energy, cement and gas, these fuel the drive of Newton to exceed itself and expand its services across industries nationwide.

Newton dreams to connect to the world, as it aspires to plant its seeds in the Asia Pacific regions, in its 50th year of founding. Newton will be recognized in the ASEAN business communities.

Why Newton?


Newton is bound by a duty to serve its customers to its utmost capacity. With a focused purpose, we treat our customer as our own so that we can grow together to achieve a lasting and fruitful relationship. This we guarantee.


The customer’s level of approval is at the heart of Newton’s performance. Nothing Compensate more for sincerity of service in fulfilling and exceeding customers Expectations to meet their demand for better services, Newton treasure happy customers.


Newton takes pride in the calibre of its employees. The decades of experience that distinctly honed every employee at Newton to master its craft is something we can proudly offer our customer. Newton’s continued pursuit of improving in all spheres through performance with integrity has led it to be the frontrunner of this industry and will remain to be in the next decades to come.